Expert Witness

Image: Expert Witness

Expert witnesses can be used for direct observation where: they have occupational expertise for specialist areas or the observation is of a particularly sensitive nature.  The use of expert witnesses should be determined and agreed by the assessor.

Skills for Care and Development QCF Assessment Principles


This testimony must directly relate to learner performance in the workplace, which has been seen by the expert witness.

The Expert Witness must:

  • have a working knowledge of the units on which their expertise is based.
  • be occupationally competent in their area of expertise.
  • have EITHER any qualification in assessment of workplace performance OR a professional work role which involves evaluating the everyday practice of staff.

What qualifications are acceptable



  • A Practitioner acting as an Expert Witness would need to evidence their expertise and CPD by providing a CV plus job description or role profile to the centre. In addition, they will be required to provide original certificates of qualification in assessing work-place performance.
  • To demonstrate a working knowledge of units an Expert witness would need to provide evidence to the Centre QAC or attend an induction session.

For more information on the role of the Expert Witness contact: