Assessor and Internal Quality Assurer Standardisation Events 2018

Please note change of date for the event in Northern Ireland – changed from 5th November


As all QA’s (Quality Assurers) and IQA’s (Verifiers) will know, in order for you to continue your role, you are required by the awarding organisation (City and Guilds) and our Centre (ARC) to maintain your CPD (Continuing Professional Development). This needs to include evidence of you maintaining your occupational competence HSC (Health & Social Care) plus your QA or IQA role, and documenting this appropriately. (CPD form Q23) You are also required to attend at least one centre standardisation event each year.

This year we will be rolling out our standardisation events from September, venues in Chesterfield, Northampton, St. Albans and Co. Down, Northern Ireland, all practising assessors will be expected to attend one of these events.

We would also be pleased to accept and welcome attendance of Assessors from other Centres, or those who are not currently practising, but want to keep up-to-date and meet to share ideas and knowledge with others in the field.

This year we will be covering:-

  • Updates on Diplomas at Levels 2, 3, 4 & 5
  • New L2 & L3 Adult Care Diplomas
  • Principles of Assessment
  • Paperwork and Documentation
  • Data Protection and Privacy Policies
  • Portfolio layouts
  • WDF (workforce development funding)
  • CPD Self Assessment/Evaluation
  • And we will round up with Standardisation Activities

So Assessor and Verifiers, join us at one of our events, or if you wish to hold an event at your own organisation get in touch!

Contact us on 01246 555 043 or email