About Health and Social Care Qualifications

Develop your skills as a Care Practitioner with the Diploma qualifications in Adult Care & Health and Social Care, that are the recognised qualifications in the sector.

These Qualifications will support employers to meet the workforce requirements that are written in the various Health and Social Care legislations, skills sector guidance and regulatory body requirements, etc.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) recognises the relationship between good and outstanding care and the quality of staff training and development opportunities. This can clearly be seen through their reports, handbooks and guidance.

Skills for Care’s guidance, ‘Learning and development guide’ states “Adult social care organisations have a responsibility to create a workforce which is “suitably qualified, competent, skilled and experienced”

In order to be in line with Skills for Care guidance, it’s important that all staff have the right values and adopt the behaviours and attitudes that people accessing care and support should rightly expect, and is outlined in the Code of Conduct. They also need the necessary basic literacy, numeracy & IT core skills required to enable them to complete everyday tasks, such as communicating effectively, counting medication, using a computer, writing records, etc.

Staff should also have undergone an induction process and completed the Care Certificate where appropriate. The development pathway would then see individuals continuing their learning journey towards the appropriate Level Diploma e.g. the Level 2 Diploma in Care, or Levels 3 Diploma in Adult Care, etc.

These Diploma qualifications cover the knowledge and skills needed to care and support others and plays a vital role in the learning and development of staff within adult social care.

Diplomas have a number of mandatory units that develop knowledge and skills which are common and core across the sector, plus a number of optional units that learners can choose from, to develop more specific or specialist knowledge and skills.

These qualifications are awarded to learners who have demonstrated that they have reached a specified level of attainment, through a reliable assessment process, which is accredited by one of the recognised awarding organisations.

ARC is an accredited City and Guilds Qualification Centre.  This enables us to work flexibly with employers and individuals, to establish the most appropriate qualification/s and CPD activity for them, resulting in a well-respected and known qualification.