About ATS

ARC Qualifications Centre

ARC is an Accredited City and Guilds Qualification Centre with a long reputation for receiving exceptionally positive feedback from awarding organisations.

Over 25 years ago, in 1992 the qualification centre was set up, it was originally known as ‘The ARC Training Consortium’ and based in Evesham. The centre was established to support our members who wanted to develop their own in-house Assessors/Verifiers, who in turn, could facilitate learning and support their staff to gain the appropriate level qualifications, thus supporting them to build a robust and qualified workforce.

15 years later, in April 2008 the centre relocated to ARC House in Chesterfield. We rebranded as ‘ARC Training Services’ in 2011 to better reflect the wider range of training and qualifications and services we were approved to offer; which is continually developing in order to meet the changing training needs of services.

Our Work

ARC has always specialised in supporting providers of Adult Learning Disability Services, however, we also offer qualifications across the Social Care Sector including, Childcare, Residential and Early Years, Dementia, End of Life, Advocacy, etc. These range from level 2 up to level 5. We offer Training Services and qualifications throughout England, Wales & Northern Ireland, which are tailored to their cultural and legislative needs.

Our Development Officers are highly qualified and experienced competent professionals’ and we pride ourselves on working with service providers to establish their individual workforce development needs/qualification requirements, thus ensuring staff are achieving the appropriate qualifications in order to deliver the best quality support to their Service Users.

Our unique flexible approach aims to provide the appropriate access to qualifications as cost-effectively as possible and in a way which meets the needs of the organisation and is relevant to individuals’ roles and requirements. This could range from, us providing the full qualification assessment package, to simply providing organisations with the administration, quality assurance and support necessary to enable their own Assessors and IQA’s (Internal Verifiers Quality Assurers) to operate wherever services are being delivered.

The centre, as part of a registered charity; was never established to make a profit, but to work with our members to develop staff so the individuals they support receive the best possible quality service.  As such, as a centre, we aim to offer all organisations and self-funded learners, an appropriate individual support package. We have a variety of payment options available to facilitate access to the appropriate qualifications and support, plus, wherever possible, we’ll offer guidance to any additional funding streams.

We aim to continue what we firmly believe is a valuable and flexible approach to offering qualifications for both individuals and service providers.