Anti-bullying assembly shocks students

The Safety Net School’s project has started to take place in Devon as trainers with learning disabilities run a series of workshops with Year 9 students, on a campaign to reduce the hate crimes and bullying experienced by people with learning disabilities. 

Rod Landman and two co-trainers, Beth and Will, delivered an assembly on anti-bullying of people with learning disabilities who use public buses and the teachers were astonished at the silence of 300 Year 9 pupils during the Safety Net presentation. This presentation was also the catalyst for a full lesson session with all Year 9 students at Parkside School in Barnstaple.

At Braunton Accademy, co-trainers, Sharon and Kevin worked with Year 9 peer mentors to devise a role play, which will be delivered at their assembly, and Bideford College Social Care Students have interviewed Stefan, Patrick and Will about disability hate crime, as part of a DVD they are making.

In all six co-trainers with learning disabilities will work on the project, with a total of six schools across the district engaged in the programme.


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