Video Resources

On this page you’ll find video resources useful for finding out more about learning disability hate and mate crime, particularly from the perspective of the person experiencing it. Thank you to everyone who sent us their clips and who have allowed us to display their work. Clicking on the images below will take you to the actual video on the Association for Real Change’s YouTube Channel.

Shaun’s Story
Image: Shaun's Story






Nice Day Clip
Image: Nice Day






Safety Net March 2011
Image: Safety Net March 2011






Hate Crime Watch
Image: Hate Crime Watch






Hate Hurts Clip
Image: Hate Hurts Clip






Look North Learning Disability Hate Crime Report
Image: Look North Hate Crime Report






Mencap Movie
Image: Mencap Movie






Mencap Statistics on Learning Disability Hate Crime
Image: Mencap Stats






Sticks and Stones Clip
Image: Sticks and Stones Clip






York People First – Play
Image: York People First






Rod and Jacqui talking about Mate Crime on Central News
Image: Rod and Jacqui on Central News





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