Updates in the news on mate/hate crime: December 2012

West Mercia Police signs up to Mencap’s campaign

Police in Worcestershire have signed up to the Stand by Me promise, which aims to stop hate crime against people with learning disabilities in a generation. The promises are a series of points on being aware of hate crime, encouraging community engagement and more.

Real the full article from the Bromsgrove Advertiser

Increasing ‘Cuckoo’ crimes in Leeds

People with learning disabilities are being targeted in what is known as ‘cuckooing’ crimes where criminals or gangs of people befriending the person and then using their house for criminal activity. The police are encouraging anyone to come forward if they have been victims of this crime.

Read the full article from the Yorkshire Evening Post

BILD information on hate crime

BILD have produced easy read information on hate crime and people with learning disabilities which links out to useful resources; downloads and websites.

Find out more from BILD’s website

Nicky Clark Disability hate speech survey

Nicky Clark, writer and parent of two girls with autism, is conducting a survey on disability hate speech. She writes on her blog, ‘Free speech must be defended. All I’m asking for is an amendment to the current hate speech laws to ensure that disabled people, many of whom are the most vulnerable people in society, have same rights and protections as any other targeted group.’

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