About Association for Real Change (ARC)

The Association for Real Change (ARC) is a national charity that was founded in 1976 which represents service providers in the learning disability and autism sector, and the people they support through a range of products and services. Our purpose is to improve the quality of life for people who have a learning disability by supporting anyone who is involved in the planning or delivery of support and services.

Our work benefits people with a learning disability, autism, or other additional support needs, their families and everyone involved in the provision of support for people and their families.  This includes those who plan, provide, commission, develop policies and regulate support and services.

We have offices in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland and deliver work to support the differing social care landscape in each country.  We are known as ARC England, ARC Scotland and ARC Northern Ireland.

ARC’s Plans
You will find more information on how our strategic vision is being delivered across the UK, as well as information on how to join or support our organisation on each country websites.