Understanding Cultural Diversity

Ethnicity Training: an introduction to cultural competency

This is a one-day delivered course for organisations that wish to understand about cultural diversity; move towards cultural competence and raise cultural awareness.

Course information:

The course takes learners through the first steps to becoming culturally competent in the work place. The course covers:

  • Your own values
  • The background to why core skills in cultural competence are needed
  • Treating all people as unique and equal individuals
  • Being aware of cultural values when communicating
  • Being aware of a person’s cultural background when supporting them
  • Being aware of the need to ensure your service is accessible to all ethnic groups
  • Ensuring the individual is clear about an agreed plan of action.
  • Changes that can be made in your working practice.

This course is aimed at a maximum of 15 learners, the day is a standard 9.30am – 4.30pm day.

Our specialist trainer will visit your organisation and deliver this course to your staff.

Understanding Cultural Diversity is available as:

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