Are you NMDS compliant?

Skills for Care’s National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) is an online data collection portal for the social care sector and is the recognised leading source of robust workforce intelligence for adult social care. NMDS-SC data is regularly used by government and other strategic bodies.

For an establishment to be eligible for the Workforce Development Fund, the following requirements must be met:

  • An establishment must fully complete or update its organisational data on or after 1st April 2016.
  • The establishment must fully complete individual NMDS-SC worker records for a minimum of 90% of its total workforce (this includes any staff who are not care-providing).
  • Individual records for workers completed before 1st April 2016 which are included in the 90% calculation must be both fully completed and updated.

Compliance is achieved when all three of the above requirements are met.

If you update at any time on or after 1st April 2016 and achieve eligibility on NMDS-SC completion in line with the current requirements, then eligibility will remain for the whole grant period as long as the NMDS-SC account is not closed during this period. If after reviewing the data nothing has changed, you will still be required to click the section up to date link. By so doing you are confirming that the information provided in the records is accurate and up to date.

The Skills for Care website provides a wealth of information relating to the set up and maintenance of organisations’ NMDS records and summarises the benefits of the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care.

The NMDS-SC allows Skills for Care to collect detailed information online about social care service providers and their employees. Social care providers can register, maintain and access their business information by setting up an account on NMDS-SC online.  The data that you enter is being used across the whole sector to inform important decisions.

On the website you will also find the most up to date support and guidance and eGuide to assist you with your NMDS completion. The e-guide is divided into easy sections, each one taking less than 5 minutes to work through, for new users to understand NMDS-SC.

Following feedback from employers to make the process of completing and updating the NMDS-SC easier, there are two reports ‘My WDF NMDS-SC requirements report’ and ‘Parent Workforce Development Fund NMDS-SC Requirements Report’ (for large organisations) which have been developed.  These are live reports that will detail whether establishments meet the NMDS-SC requirements for claiming WDF, by checking the data and showing whether the establishments are eligible or not eligible.  Links are available within these reports to help you see where there are gaps in your data.  These reports are only available to an employer who is logged into their Skills for Care NMDS-SC account.

The benefits of NMDS to employers

  • NMDS-SC information can automatically be shared with CQC and NHS Choices (with your permission)
  • Employers can access e-learning resources, reports and publications, as well as WDF
  • Open Access dashboards allow employers to see information for the sector as a whole, and to compare their own workforce with others’ – nationally, regional or locally.
  • You can see potential demand for services in your area, to inform your business planning.

For further information on the specific requirements for NMDS-SC criteria there is a team of people waiting to help!

NMDS support services is available on 0845 873 0129/0113 241 0969  or nmds-support@skillsforcare.org.uk

Reminder: units cannot be processed for funding until your NMDS has been completed.