Latest News

Latest News

February 2019

AccessNI has advised us that they will be implementing a new system of application retention and deletion commencing 4th February.  Any application created by an applicant will only have 90 days from creation to counter-signatory by the ARC Disclosure Service.  Therefore, if the applicant has either not forwarded their PIN number to you or you have not checked the necessary applicants ID and submitted your PIN and ID Notification forms to ARC or not responded to any queries raised in relation to the application within 85 days from creation, the application will not be processed.  AccessNI’s system will automatically delete the application and the applicant will need to create a new application and submit the new PIN details to you for onward submission to the ARC Disclosure Service.

September 2018

AccessNI has been advised by ACRO that there is a delay in seeking information about criminal records from Poland.

This means where an applicant is from Poland and applying to work in regulated activity with children there is likely to be a delay of several weeks with the issue of their disclosure certificate. AccessNI is considering a range of options to mitigate the impact of this.  We will provide a further update when available.

July 2018


Access NI has now updated its online application process to include the availability of disclosure certificates by digital means. Access NI will commence issuing digital certificates, for applications received on or after 17th July, 2018 where no information is recorded. Disclosure certificates for applications received before this date will be issued on paper. From 17th July, the default position is that all certificates, for all levels of disclosure, will be issued electronically, provided the application has been submitted via the online portal using an applicant’s NIDA account and the certificate is clear. Certificates that contain criminal history information will continue to be issued through the postal service. read more

Please note:  AccessNI has a clear policy that paper disclosure certificates are not available for applicants from outside the UK, except where information is to be disclosed on a certificate, or the certificate required an Apostille.

May 2018


In-line with new ‘Identity Checking’ arrangements, new forms have been issued. Any old forms prior to April 18 should be destroyed. From 1st May only applications submitted on the new forms will be accepted. The new forms can be downloaded from the link below, together with information on ‘ID checking guidance document (Feb 18)‘ and ‘ID checking – List of acceptable documents (Feb 18)‘. Please view the AccessNI revised Privacy Notice 3 May 2018 to understand how your personal data is used and your rights under GDPR.


AccessNI are continuing to uncover instances of applicants not including ALL names on their applications, this carries with it a significant risk that disclosures will be inaccurate.

Ensuring the applicant for an AccessNI check is who they say they are is a vital part of the disclosure process. If the identity of the applicant has not been verified, then there is an increased risk that accurate criminal history information may not be disclosed, potentially leading to a compromised recruitment decision. It is highly important the applicant includes details of all names when submitting an application. You can view guidance here …