Disclosure Scotland – FAQ’s

This page of our website gives further information around the most frequently asked questions we receive, we welcome the opportunity to add further questions and feedback to this section.  If there is anything you would like adding please let us know.

Do we have to be an ARC member to access the ARC Disclosure Service?

No – you do not need to be an ARC member to use our Disclosure Service and there are no registration fees to pay to access our service.

How do I request a Check?

Once you have registered your organisation with the ARC Disclosure Service, we will email details to your organisations nominated contact.  These details will include how to process an application.  Currently all checks are done by the applicant completing a paper application form, the organisation then checks the recorded details against relevant ID supplied by the applicant.  Once you are happy with the information provided, the form is sent to us at ARC House, Marsden Street, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 1JY.  We check the details provided, if ok, we countersign the application form and forward to Disclosure Scotland for the certificate issue.

Is there a minimum requirement on the number of checks per month?

No – there is no minimum level of checks.  You can process as many or as few checks as you need.  All checks are invoiced to the organisation at the end of each month.  You only pay for the checks you request, no additional fees are payable.

Applicants Guidance on completing a paper application

Employees undertaking ‘regulated work’ will be asked to join the PVG scheme.  To join, the applicant will need to fill out a paper application form.  Guidance on completing the application form can be downloaded here Applicants guide – application to join 2016

I need to process an application for a transgender applicant, how do I do this?

Please refer the applicant to the Disclosure Scotland website where they will be able to access relevant guidance –  https://www.mygov.scot/transgender-disclosure-application

How do I know when Checks are complete?

When Disclosure Scotland have finished processing checks, they will issue a certificate to the applicants home address.  A copy of the certificate is sent to the ARC Disclosure Service, this copy will be forwarded to the organisation requesting the check.  We do not retain any certificate copies at our office.

If an employee wishes to apply to have a Conviction Removed

If an employee has a spent conviction for an offence that is disclosed according to rules, or for an offence that must be disclosed (and the necessary time from the date of conviction has elapsed), the employee can apply to have it removed from their PVG scheme record if they think it isn’t relevant to the type of regulated work they’re doing. Guidance is available on the mygov.scot website

How long do ARC retain data for?

Please see the Disclosure Scotland Data Retention Deletion Policy for further information.