Development Days

Development Days can be used flexibly for a number of support activities:

  • Advice about delivering Qualifications in your organisation
  • Identify learning needs for individuals or groups
  • Offer a comprehensive training programme to support the Qualification requirements.
  • Portfolio building support for learners
  • Direct Observation of learners
  • Professional discussions with learners
  • Assessment support of learners at the worksite
  • Verification of portfolios
  • Independent assessment of learners
  • Direct observation of the organisation’s qualified assessors, internal verifiers and quality assurance and CPD requirements.

There is a workplace support fee for either a full or half-day visit.

Any of the above activities may take place during these visits, dependant on the needs of the organisation. The fee covers the management of the Awards.

For more information on Development Days, please contact ATS or your Development Officer.