DBS – Latest News

September 2019


From 1st October 2019 the DBS will be reducing their fees. This means the Standard DBS check fee will be reduced from £26 to £23 and an Enhanced DBS check fee will reduce from £44 to £40. The ARC administration costs remain unchanged.

August 2019

Application Amendment Changes

The DBS will no longer make changes to the answers provided for the questions “Position Applied For” (Workforce only) and “Working At Home Address”.  Any applications where amendments need to be made for either of these questions will be withdrawn and a new application will need to be submitted.  A refund of the application fee will not be possible.

The DBS have also ceased the practice of adding undisclosed addresses to applications.  If an address is identified where the applicant has lived in the requisite five-year period that was not disclosed, the application will be withdrawn. A new application will need to be submitted and a refund of the original application fee will not be possible.

Please note; this is separate to the Change of Circumstances process, when an applicant’s name or address changes whilst their application is still in progress with the DBS.

April 2019

Please be advised that The Cabinet Office and Government Digital Service (GDS) have advised the DBS that some of the information within DBS’ Identity Checking guidelines, relating to external validation services has changed.

The “HMG’s Minimum Requirements for the Verification of the Identity of Individuals/Version 2.0/January 2003’ has been replaced by the ‘Good Practice Guide (GPG) 45’. What was known as ‘Level 2’ or ‘identity level 2’ under the old guidance, is now ‘Medium confidence’ in the new version of GPG 45.

Consequently, the DBS has updated their website with the latest guidance – https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/dbs-identity-checking-guidelines/id-checking-guidelines-for-dbs-check-applications-from-3-september-2018#external-validation-service

February 2019


Updated privacy policies from the DBS issued February 2019, download the latest documents here

December 2018


ID checking guidelines updated December 2018, download details here

November 2018


If you change your name or address, you can contact DBS to update these details. To do this, contact their call centre on 0300 0200 190. They will ask some security questions to confirm your identity and take details of the change. Once the change has been made, they will notify the organisation that submitted your application, that your details have been updated.

When your check is completed, the DBS will issue your certificate with the new details. Please note – they will not be able to correct your information if an error was made in the original application. In this case, your application will be withdrawn, and you will need to submit a new one with the correct information.

If you have any questions, please email customerservices@dbs.gov.uk