DBS Hints and Tips

We have included on this page any hints and tips or general processing guidance to assist you in completing an online DBS application …

Driving Licence Details – Applications cannot be completed without entering the driving licence details correctly. ID Check (Route 1): section. Please follow the checklist below:

1.    Only input the first 16 digits of the driving licence

2.    Check the applicants personal details recorded on the on-line application form. Do they completely match those names, middle names, date of birth as recorded on the driving licence?

3.    Do the applicants Personal Details on the on-line application form differ from the driving licence eg. middle name missing, middle name added to application but not on driving licence?


  • Correct level of check – Read and understand the New definition of Regulated Activity before you complete this section.
  • Postcodes – no space between, lowercase letters and incorrect postcodes – correct example S40 1JY
  • Birth Details – when title is Ms or Mrs Surname Change will record YES.  Please give birth surname and date ‘used until’ even if current
  • Workforce Type – Children & Adult Workforce requested when only working with Adults
  • Adult First Request – requested for Children & Adult Workforce.  There is no fast track service for working with children and therefore Adult First request is only for those working within the Adult Workforce
  • Position applied for – please give as much information as possible for example Charity Shop Worker (assisting adults with learning disabilities to work in the shop); Volunteer (Support Worker).

Out of Date Applications – The DBS will not accept applications received after 90 days from when the application was first created. We will perform a monthly sweep to check old applications and remove them from the system.

Adult First – Do you really need to request an Adult First? The majority of applications are processed by the DBS within 48 hours. You could save money by only requesting an Adult First if the application is held awaiting Police checks.