City and Guilds External Verification Visit – Advocacy

On the 25th April the ATS Qualifications Centre underwent its first External Verifier visit for the Advocacy Award.  The visit also reviewed the Centres systems and processes.

Our Centre has been offering the Advocacy Award, which is part of the Health and Social Care suite, for the last 18 months.  We are pleased to say that the report submitted following the visit by the City and Guilds External Verifier was complementary about our systems and the areas covered during her visit.  We received a clean bill of health with no ‘action plans’.

Visit our qualifications section to find out more about the Advocacy Award and read our article about our First Advocacy Achiever, Mark Thain.

What is Advocacy?

We all value being able to make choices and decisions about our lives, but for some individuals this can be difficult. This can be due to any of a number of factors, such as illness, condition, disability or impairment which can affect a person’s ability or confidence.

This is what ‘Valuing People’, (2001) said about Advocacy:

“Effective advocacy can transform the lives of people with learning disabilities by enabling them to express their wishes and aspirations and make real choices. Advocacy helps people put forward their views and play an active part in planning and designing services which are responsive to their needs. This applies to people with severe and profound disabilities and to the less severely disabled.”

Independent advocacy is not the same as a professional or support worker, carer or family member supporting or speaking up for an individual. An independent advocate is not involved in the ‘day to day’ care and support an individual receives, and usually comes from a separate agency.

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