Active Support Practice Development Service

Active Support – It’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it!

  • Do you need a model of support that promotes inclusion, choice, participation and independence in everyday activities?
  • Do you need support in turning those Person Centred Plans into Person Centred Action?
  • Would you like to up skill managers to become practice managers and so improve the quality of support within your service and the people being supported?
  • Do you need support in managing your team to  work as a team in a structured way?
  • Do you want to turn all the learning and values into action and make the most of your training budget?
  • Does your organisation need support in meeting policy and best practice guidance?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, read on to find out how ARC’s Active Support Practice Development Service can help.

Through a dedicated and committed team, the ARC Active Support Practice Development Service (ASPDS) aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice in developing real person-centred approaches to support.

Why Active Support?

Active Support is a model of support which ensures that people are supported to participate in every aspect of their daily lives irrespective of degree of intellectual disability.

Services who have already been supported with the implementation of Active Support have said that the model has transformed the lives of people they are supporting and staff have a better understanding of what their job role is.

What Services Do We Offer?

Image CONSULTATION-SERVICES Consultancy Packages:
Tailored to meet Service and/or Organisational needs.
Image: Delivered Course Active Support Training:
Supporting services to promote choice, independence and inclusion for service users within all areas of social care services.  This training is especially beneficial for staff working with people with severe and profound learning disabilities and people with autism.
Image: Tailored Course Interactive Active Support Training: Supporting managers to become Practice Managers and support their staff to focus on the individual to support in a Person Centred way as a team.  Making sure that the team understand how all prior training is translated back within the service and the people being supported.
Image: Delivered Course Work Based Coaching and Mentoring:
Consultant trainer working alongside  managers and staff, in the workplace, after the training,  to give practical hands on advice and support.
Image: Guidance, Resources, Handbook Development of an Implementation Plan:
Tailored to meet specific organisational needs.
Image CONSULTATION-SERVICES Ongoing Support and Review of Active Support:
Remember training alone does not always bring about change!
Image: Guidance, Resources, Handbook To discuss your requirements please contact: