School’s Project raises awareness of Hate Crime and Bullying

Image: Safety Net Project UpdateQualified trainers with learning disabilities have now started working in North Devon schools on the Home Office funded ‘Crime Innovation Fund’ project.

The project sees people with learning disabilities working with Year 9 children on a campaign to reduce the hate crimes and bullying experienced by people with learning disabilities using public transport.

Two weeks ago trainers started working in Braunton school and are running a series of workshops with peer mentors from the school building up to a presentation to the whole year group in November. “The project has really started to break down some barriers,” said ARC project lead Rod Landman, “and the final presentation looks as though it will be a truly multimedia experience, with the group working on the use of video, drama and PowerPoint.”

Soon the other co-trainers will start work with the media group at Bideford College, aiming to produce ‘a video in a day’ for the school’s in house news magazine programme.

Work at Barnstaple’s Park School and Ilfracombe College follow before Christmas. In all six co-trainers with learning disabilities will work on the project, with a total of six schools across the district engaged in the programme.

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