Launch of the ARC Real Change Challenge on Mate Crime

As part of an on-going series of Real Change Challenges ARC has launched its two-part Real Change Challenge on Mate Crime.

The Real Change Challenges form part of a wider drive by ARC to promote better quality services for people with a learning disability. By issuing challenges in areas of growing concern ARC hopes to encourage the sector to make positive changes that will improve lives.The Challenges are also an opportunity for providers to showcase positive changes that have already been made. Find out more about the challenges.

Mate Crime: A Challenge for Providers

Part 1 Sets out the context of Mate Crime and identifies what people with learning disabilities should be able to expect in order to feel safeguarded. Included is guidance on what service providers can do to meet those expectations. Find out more…

Mate Crime: A Challenge for the Police, Safeguarding and Criminal Justice Agencies

Part 2 Outlines the context for those working in criminal justice agencies and identifies reporting strategies and service specific actions that can be employed to assist staff and help prevent people with a learning disability from falling victim to the crime. Find out more.

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