What are Real Change Challenges?

To demonstrate that ARC really is the Association for REAL CHANGE we have decided to launch a range of Real Change Challenges over 2013 and beyond. These challenges will be for ARC, the members we support and represent, and providers we work with. We’ll be asking the sector to challenge itself to make changes or to showcase positive changes that have already been made in the areas we are investigating.

We’ll be examining different topics within the learning disability sector and asking how things have changed over the last decade or so, looking in depth at good practice and positive changes and we’ll publish and promote what we think will make a real change in the future.

What will they do?

We are throwing down the gauntlet. Now is the time to challenge ourselves to make changes for the better, learn from what we’ve done wrong and improve on what we’ve done well.

We will bring together key experts for each topic at strategic stakeholder events and we’ll be asking providers and the sector to share case studies that we can use to demonstrate innovative thinking and practice development. We also want to know what you think the current challenges are facing providers for people with learning disabilities, so please share those with us too. This will be a great opportunity to showcase your best practice and service innovations within the context of ARC’s Challenges.

How many will there be?

Quite simply, we haven’t decided yet. We want to have a Real Change Challenge for every challenge that providers, services and the other organisations we support face so that we can improve all aspects of life for people with learning disabilities.

How can people or organisations get involved?

Look out for information on our current challenges on this website or on the main ARC website: www.arcuk.org.uk

You can take part by sharing best practice and case studies on the Challenges as and when they come up.  We’ll also be sending out emails and invites to networking events where we’ll want you to come along and get involved in our latest challenge so look out for those in your inbox and in the e-newsletters. If you don’t receive these please contact Esther.Oddy@arcuk.org.uk to subscribe to our mailing list.