Welcome to ARC’s Real Change Challenges!

To demonstrate that ARC really is the Association for REAL CHANGE we launched two Real Change Challenges which in 2013. These challenges are for the Association for Real Change, the members we support and represent, and providers and others that we work with. We ask the sector to challenge itself to make changes or to showcase positive changes that have already been made in the areas we will be investigating.

Mate Crime: A Challenge for Providers

The second Real Change Challenge captures the experiences and knowledge of the Safety Net project and sets out the context of Mate Crime, identifying what people with learning disabilities should be able to expect in order to feel safeguarded from such abuse. With ideas and guidance to aid service providers in meeting those expectations the challenge also establishes a number of outcome statements by which learning disability services can measure their response.

Mate Crime: A Challenge for the Police, Safeguarding and Criminal Justice Agencies

Running in parallel with the the Mate Crime Challenge for Providers is part two – a document outlining the context of Mate Crime in respect of safeguarding and law enforcement agencies. Providing guidance, links to resources and recommendations on how services can and should respond to the nature of the threat faced by people with a learning disability, the document lays out the course of action that needs to be taken if the identified statement outcomes and challenge is to be met.

Improving the quality of life for people with learning disabilities, as they grow old: A Challenge for Providers

Our first Real Change Challenge was officially launched on Thursday 10th January 2013 at the Department of Health in London, at a strategic stakeholders event chaired by Dame Philippa Russell. The draft first challenge focuses on improving the quality of life for older people with Learning Disabilities or Autism.