Guidance on Money Management

Download: Guidance on money managementGuidance on money management for people who may lack capacity to make some decisions about how their money is used.

This resource was written in conjunction with SCIE and is a free resource to help staff at all levels to understand the implications of the Mental Capacity Act when supporting someone to manage their money.

Although it has not been designed to be a guide for how to support people who are able to make all their own financial decisions with support, some of the principles described may still be useful.

The resource includes:

  • Assessing capacity to make financial decisions
  • The roles of Appointees, Deputies and Attorneys
  • Supporting people to create Lasting Power of Attorneys
  • Good practice in supporting individuals who lack capacity to manage some aspect of their money
  • Capacity to enter into a tenancy agreement.


This guidance is available as a FREE  download or we can supply a bound colour copy at a small charge.

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