Dementia Awareness Distance Learning Pack (DEM 201)


This learning pack aims to enable learners to gain knowledge of what dementia is, the different forms of dementia and how others can have an impact on the individual with dementia.

Pack information

The Dementia Awareness pack has been written in an easy to follow format, which includes information to read, exercises to complete, information to gather and think about, plus remember boxes. These are all designed to help you learn and relate your new knowledge to your workplace as well as to consolidate your knowledge.

When you have completed your distance learning pack, you can then complete the workbook to enable you to demonstrate that you have met the learning outcomes of the unit DEM201, which are based on the National Occupational Standards. For a small additional cost, you have the option of submitting the completed workbook to ARC for assessment and feedback. For a further additional cost, you can include registration with an Awarding Organisation (City & Guilds), have your work assessed, verified and certificated, giving you 2 credits towards the Health & Social Care qualifications. If you are currently working towards a  qualification and this unit forms part of this, your current assessor can assess the workbook for you.

You can demonstrate your ongoing CPD (Continuing Professional Development) by working through the pack and completing the workbook. You can keep the workbook in your CPD portfolio and it can be used at a later date as evidence towards any relevant Health & Social Care qualification, when your assessor would examine the work as RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning).

The unit this training covers is:

  • DEM 201 Dementia Awareness

Dementia Awareness Training is available as:

Image: Dementia Awareness Training

Image: DISTANCE LEARNING Dementia Awareness FULL unit package: Distance Learning Pack, Workbook, Assessment, Internal Verification and Certification from the Awarding Body:
ARC Members £73 |
Non-members £83
Image: DISTANCE LEARNING Dementia Awareness Distance Learning Pack plus Workbook, Assessment and Feedback:
ARC Members £29.50 |
Non-members £34.50
Dementia Awareness Distance Learning plus Workbook only (No Assessment):
ARC Members £18 | Non-members £23
Image: Delivered Course Delivered Course:
Price dependent on numbers – please contact
01246 555043

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