Active Support Handbook

The Active Support Handbook is for supporting people with learning disabilities to lead full lives.

The New revised Active Support Handbook. ARC Cymru and the Authors of the Active Support Handbook have updated the original 6 booklets to create a useful Handbook.

The Active Support Project was a highly successful project in Wales, which has now become the UK-wide Active Support Practice Development Service. The Active Support Service can provide training, consultancy and information to any organisation wishing to implement Active Support.

Active Support is proven to improve the lives of service users, making it easier to live independently and have greater quality of life.

The Active Support Handbook is organised into four sections:

  • Part One: An Overview – This looks at what Active Support is, how to implement it and why it is so important.
  • Part Two: Interacting to Promote Participation – This looks at supporting engagement, dealing with problems and thinking in steps.
  • Part Three: Activity Support Plans – This part details what an activity support plan is, how it can be used, keeping track of these plans and administration.
  • Part Four: Maintaining Quality – This looks at working as a team, being consistent, positive managerial support, using the information recorded and quality assurance.

The Active Support Handbook is a useful resource for anyone supporting people in an adult social care setting.

Active Support works well alongside other approaches such as:

  • Person-centred plans
  • Opportunity or Learning Plans
  • Positive Behavioural Support
  • Communication plans

Active Support is designed to make sure that people who need support have the chance to be fully involved in their lives and receive the right range and level of support to be successful. The Active Support Handbook is an invaluable guide for any support organisation.

We also offer Active Support Practice Development Service as a consultancy package.

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