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Diverse Publications for a Diverse Workforce

ARC publications are available in a variety of formats. Our extensive training packages are available in one or more formats, more information below. Visit the individual publications pages for more information.

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Handbooks, Guidance, Resources

Guidance & Resources are available in printed format.

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FREE PDF Downloads

Some Guidance & Resources are available to download FREE as a PDF.

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Distance Learning Packs

ARC’s Distance Learning Packs include detailed information displayed in a clear, easy-to-follow format, with exercises and tasks designed to enhance learning and enable the learner to apply their knowledge to the workplace. The format enables learners to work at their own pace, with the help of their learning supporter.

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Delivered Courses

ARC can provide experienced trainers to deliver any of our training courses at venues, times and in formats to suit your organisation. We also provide a pack for each learner including a copy of all handouts and slides.

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Trainer’s Manual

ARC’s Trainer’s Manuals have been designed as ‘off-the-shelf’ packs, which follow a tried and tested format. They provide all the materials necessary for a trainer to deliver a specific course to their organisation, including detailed trainer’s notes, handouts and slides and a CD resource with an electronic version of the handouts and PowerPoint presentation of the slides giving the trainer maximum flexibility for delivery.

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Tailor-made packages and materials

If you have specific training needs ARC can produce bespoke training packages that are tailor-made for your organisation.

For further information on this please contact us:

  • Email: contact.us@arcuk.org.uk
  • Telephone: 01246 555043

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