Consensus building events

We shared the initial findings from the project on the 26th of September in Birmingham and the 10th of October in London. We were joined by service providers, service commissioners, service users and family carers to discuss our findings and to help us to develop the consensus necessary for improving access and quality of support that people with learning disabilities from ethnic minority and new migrant communities receive.

Project presentation:

David Sallah and Olga Kozlowska talked about the project and its initial findings.

Invited guests’ presentations:

Mrs Ghzala Ahmad represented the voices of the family carers from the ethnic minority communities.

Mr Balraj Rai provided insight into the practices of the service providers meeting the needs of the ethnically diverse populations.

Professor Mark Johnson (26th of September 2013) and Professor Zenobia Nadirshaw (10th of October 2013) presented an academic perspective on challenges experienced by people from ethnic minority communities.

Survey – providers
If you work with people with learning disabilities in education, health or social care in the public, private or voluntary sector, we would like to ask you to complete this survey and share your views and experiences:
Survey – family carers

If you are a family carer of a person with a learning disability and the person is from an ethnic minority or a new migrant community, we would like to ask you to complete this survey: