About the project

The burning questions

What is the current number of people from ethnic minority communities and new migrant communities who require support from the learning disability services?

How the voluntary sector and the wider community can engage with people with learning disabilities from ethnic minority communities to promote their wellbeing and improve their life chances?

How are we going to answer these questions

To estimate prevalence of learning disabilities in this population, we are collecting information from health, social care and education services.

To explore understanding of the problem and find better ways of engaging with this population we are talking to people with learning disabilities, their carers, service providers, commissioners and policy makers.

The project’s anticipated outcomes and impact

The project aims to improve the knowledge base of service commissioners and providers about the population of people with learning disabilities and their current and future needs. It also wishes to improve the ways of engaging with this population by producing national set of guidelines of how to make services visible and available to migrants.