Take the Health Challenge!

The Take the Health Challenge! project was the third of ARC Cymru’s (Wales) health promotion projects in Wales, seeking to further increase knowledge about healthy lifestyles amongst people with learning disabilities by expanding activities in North Wales.

New elements of the project included a 1-day training for staff; How to Support People with a Learning Disability to Lead Healthier Lifestyles.

We also looked at specific types of support by piloting the 21-Day Health Challenge amongst 20 people with learning disabilities.

The Take the Health Challenge! project was about targeted, accessible health promotion information for people with learning disabilities to address the health inequalities faced by people with learning disabilities across North Wales such as obesity, sedentism and ill health.

It extended the learning from our previous 2 health promotion projects (The Happy Heart Group and Our Good Health) across North Wales by offering people with learning disabilities and their parents and carers structured information about leading a healthy lifestyle.

This was in the form of Happy Heart Groups (6-week interactive programmes) of two hours a week looking at where the heart is, what it does, why it’s important to keep it healthy and how small lifestyle changes can make a big difference.

Awareness raising sessions for people with a learning disability were held and training to support staff was delivered, in how to support people with learning disabilities to lead healthier lifestyles. This was based on the Caroline Walker training pack.

We developed the 21-Day Challenge, a pilot programme of tailored intervention to identify the key factors in supporting people with learning disabilities to make positive change in their lifestyle

Since the Take the Health Challenge! project finished it is our hope that we can continue to increase knowledge of living a healthier lifestyle in the learning disability community.

The Take the Health Challenge! project was funded by the Pfizer UK Foundation and Baily Thomas.