ARC Cymru Projects

ARC Cymru has been leading the way in health projects for the past few years with extensive research into heart health, healthy eating and obesity.

Follow the links below for more detailed information including any conclusions, reports or resulting projects or training that may have arisen from the completion of these projects.

image: Happy HeartHappy Heart.
This ARC Wales (Cymru) project was a series of short courses to promote keeping hearts healthy to people with a learning disability with an emphasis on fun, enjoyable activities.

Image: Our Good Health

Our Good Health.
This ARC Wales (Cymru) project was on working with people with a learning disability in Anglesey, teaching them about healthy eating habits.

Image: Take the Health ChallengeTake the Health Challenge!
This ARC Wales (Cymru) project aimed to address the health inequalities faced by people with a learning disability. The project looked at specific health changes and how to address the problems of obesity.

The Active Support Project began in ARC Cymru and has now developed into a successful Training Course, Practice Development Service and we’ve also published a Handbook to enable services to use Active Support in their organisations.

Image; Active SupportActive Support.
This project has now been expanded to include the whole of the UK, is a unique training programme which provides support to enable people with learning disabilities to participate in activities and relationships, gain more control and more independence.