This government wants to help everyone to be able to enjoy the independence, security and good health that being in work can bring.

We know that the right type of work is good for an individual’s physical and mental health. Work can bring other benefits – introduce a sense of purpose, raise self-esteem, and allow people to build relationships.

Many disabled people and people with long-term health conditions already work and many more want access to the benefits that work can bring. We want to understand how to improve the system to make this possible.

We are committed to financially supporting those with the most severe or life-limiting disabilities and conditions who are unable to work.
Closing the disability employment gap

The UK employment rate is the highest since records began, but there are fewer than 5 in 10 disabled people in employment, compared with 8 in 10 non-disabled people, and this has been the case for several years.
Why we are consulting?

We need to understand why disabled people and people with health conditions might be unable to get a job or keep one, and to recognise the wide range of conditions and circumstances they face.

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