On 17 October 2013 the Local Government Association (LGA) and NHS England published the ‘Stocktake of progress report’.

The stocktake of progress questionnaire was sent out to all 152 health and wellbeing board areas as an integral part of the Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme (WVJIP) in June 2013 to enable local areas to assess their progress against commitments in the Winterbourne View Concordat. It also allowed for good practice and progress from local areas to be shared nationally and to assist in local discussions with key partners, including people who use services, family carers and advocacy organisations, as well as providers. It was based on the principle that the changes required as a response to Winterbourne View could only be successfully delivered through local partnerships.

The aim of the stocktake was also to help local areas identify what development support they might require from the WVJIP and covered 11 key areas:

  • Models of partnership
  • Understanding the money
  • Case management for individuals
  • Current review programme
  • Safeguarding
  • Commissioning arrangements
  • Developing local teams and services
  • Prevention and crisis response capacity
  • Understanding the population who may need/receive services
  • Children and adults transition planning
  • Current and future market requirements and capacity

Download the reports:

Signatory to the Winterbourne View Concordat

As a Signatory to the Concordat,  ARC has been invited by Norman Lamb, Minister of State for Care and Support, to the second Winterbourne View Concordat event to review the progress, which is taking place on 5 November 2013.