8 October 2014

The Care Act, the Care Certificate, the Mental Capacity Act, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, positive risk management, workforce capacity building – all hot topics at the moment. The changes in legislation over the past few years and of course most recently the impending introduction of the Care Act has been immense. From a Learning and Development perspective there is a mountain to climb… yet exciting times lie ahead.

I certainly have my hiking boots on… then again I should have; I’m the new Learning and Development Manager at ARC, and, since joining the ARC team a mere 4 weeks ago and being out of the country for 6 years, living in Australia working in Disability Services, I am taken aback and inspired by the amount of fevered activity in the Sector.

In fact, I am just back from London, following the inaugural stakeholder group meeting for the ‘One Stop Shop’ consultation. The consultation group, made up of people from various organisations, will feed in to a team who are producing an online resource for health and social care managers on effective performance management, following on from the Cavendish review, point 14. This was commissioned by the Department of Health and The National Skills Academy for Social Care (Skills for Care). Your input is vital on this topic, starting with the survey called ‘Information resources on Performance management’ which will have already graced your email inboxes. The response times on this are very tight, unfortunately, and responses to the survey need submitting by Midday on 13th.  If you have a few minutes, this is an opportunity for your voice to be heard.

Overall, I see my role here at ARC as a multitude of things, including creating stronger engagement with our member base and this for me is critical.

I had the pleasure of attending ARC’s Active Support: ‘Creating an Ordinary Life’ Annual Conference in Cardiff last month and had the opportunity to speak to some of our member base face to face – all the aforementioned buzz words were flowing, and it was fantastic to hear directly from staff within organisations and to get a real sense of what issues were dominating people’s minds. One real discussion point was positive risk management; everyone I spoke to demonstrated a concern about this, citing risk management as a barrier to enablement, to a greater or lesser extent, for the people who use their services. With this in mind, I will soon be asking for your thoughts on this as we work towards developing a new workshop.

Change is a constant whether we like it or not, in every aspect of our lives and the same is true of this shape shifting sector

As a final thought – the other day I saw on Facebook, love it or hate it, this quote: “But we’ve always done it like that.” followed by, “The scariest quote ever!” And it’s true. As we know all too well, change is a constant whether we like it or not, in every aspect of our lives and the same is also true of this shape shifting sector. So I ask myself, how can we help you meet with the demands of this ever-changing sector? How can we help you climb the mountain? Skill your staff better?  Support you to support those who need it most? And now, I am asking you… I am hoping you will tell me.

I will be contacting members in due course to introduce myself, but please, in the meantime, if you have any comments, questions or queries do not hesitate to contact me. My hiking boots are ready.

Lisa Lenton
Learning and Development Manager
Tel: 01246 541676
Email: Lisa.lenton@arcuk.org.uk