ARC Director Lisa LentonBlog update from ARC Director Lisa Lenton
June 2020


The clock is ticking; we are hurtling towards the end of June and questions are being asked regarding arrangements for continued funding from local authorities as it seems it’s all gone (or remains) rather quiet. I know that the experience of our members has been somewhat of a postcode lottery, with some reporting great responses and support from the local authorities they commission with and others quite the opposite.

Last week we conducted a survey regarding continuance of financial support from Local Authorities and the impact if this support was withdrawn – our thanks go to those members who took the time to complete this.

We found that 55% of respondents said that the LAs they work with had been in touch to say that financial support would come to an end (with various responses around the timeframe – some June, July or beyond). That leaves 45% of LAs who haven’t communicated anything to providers, leaving them anxious and unsure what will happen next! Communication time and time again is a real issue.

In addition, 90% of respondents said that there would be a funding shortfall if support ended and 63% suggested the impact of this would either mean that there was a risk to the going concern of the organisation or more likely would mean significant restructuring of organisation required.

I have been in ongoing conversations with the Local Government Association and ADASS about this. It is clear that financial support is still needed and that central Government needs to act. Whether there is a different route to disbursing any future money or not, it is evident that with spiralling costs, more needs to reach the front line and fast.

In the meantime, keep ‘knocking on the door’ of your funding authority if they haven’t been in touch with you – I appreciate you don’t always get an answer – but if you don’t ask you don’t get, and if you don’t get, keep asking!


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