As many of you will already know, ARC England Director Lisa and I have been out and about a fair bit recently with Flint Bishop Solicitors LLP helping to deliver Mock

Esther Oddy, Membership and Services Officer
Esther Oddy, Membership and Services Officer

Employment Tribunals around the country. It has been great to see so many employers, a mixture of both ARC members and non-members attending.  In total we have delivered four sessions – York, Loughborough, London and concluding earlier this week in Crediton, Devon. We have had over 90 attendees across the regions.

When Emma Tice, Partner from Flint Bishop Solicitors LLP, suggested the idea of running these mock employment tribunals a few months ago, we grabbed the opportunity with both hands. It’s not often employers get to see a tribunal in practice until they are the ones who are actually going through the process for real. We knew that the events would certainly add value to employers and their management teams. (What we didn’t realise at that stage was that Lisa and I would have to actually play a part in the proceedings.)

Despite an initial sense of mild horror at the idea of having to ‘perform’ in these sessions, as we have planned, rehearsed for and delivered the events, I have actually found them fascinating. The theme was based around a real case in respect of an unfair dismissal claim. I have learned so much about the process and mechanics of a tribunal – it’s been a real eye opener! And I’ve even quite enjoyed my temporary incarnation as a Hollywood starlet, although I don’t envisage you will see me on the red carpet anytime soon…

The feedback we have received from all the providers who have been able to attend has been extremely positive. Most importantly, those who came along invariably said that the sessions have been ‘an invaluable experience’ and have helped HR and other senior staff to “completely understand the importance of documenting details and clarifying information”. We would agree – we cannot emphasise enough the importance of abiding by the ACAS code of practice, of having established processes and keeping accurate records. This will all help should you ever find your organisation being challenged by a staff member. And remember, you may know all about this but do your managers?

‘Hats off’ to the team at Flint Bishop for creating these great events, and sincere thanks to them also for helping us to roll out something a little bit different to our members.

After the session yesterday, we spoke about how else Flint Bishop can continue to support ARC and it’s members going forward. One idea is to plan another raft of sessions maybe a mock grievance session this time early in 2017.

On a final note, Flint Bishop Solicitors LLP are kindly offering a 38% discount on Employment and HR services for all ARC members. A whopping reduction which is greatly appreciated!

Contact me or on 01246 555 043 for more details. Also if you would like to know more about the sessions do drop me a line.

Esther Oddy
Membership and Services Officer

2 November 2016