Scarily, but unsurprisingly, 70% of provider participants to an independent survey have said that the bill for back pay liability is threatening their financial viability.

You may recall back in February we urged you to take part in a survey by Agenda Consulting and Trowers & Hamlins LLP. The survey was commissioned by the Solve Sleep-ins Alliance that represent providers who provide overnight ‘sleep in’ support. The alliance is comprised of the Association for Real Change, Care England, Learning Disability England, Learning Disability Voices and the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG).

The reason this was commissioned was so we could present a truer picture to Government of the challenging situation facing providers of services with sleep-ins. Your help and time was invaluable as a total of 109 providers provided data that has been collated and published today.

The report can be downloaded here and reflects the situation we expected; whilst more providers are paying the NLW for sleep-ins, there are still a number of local authorities who aren’t providing the funding for it and the longer this continues, the higher the risks to the financial stability of our sector. Currently only 7% of the participant’s local authorities are funding a sleep-in with on-costs.

We hope the results will escalate the need from Government for some answers and action on how providers can ensure that valuable Support/Care Workers receive the pay they deserve without crippling the sector.

Kate Allen
ARC England Chair
Autism at Kingwood Chief Executive

8 May 2018