British Journal of Learning Disabilities

Image of British Journal of Learning DisabilitiesPublished Paper: Internet safety, online radicalisation and young people with learning disabilities

The increased time spent online during the pandemic makes this report, which has been co-authored by Rod Landman at ARC England, even more timely.

The tools that have allowed us to remain connected with friends and to socialise whilst we have been unable to meet face to face are as important to people with a learning disability as they are to anyone else but there are risks which include the potential for radicalisation and abuse.

The power in this report comes from the voices of people with lived experience and whilst it is encouraging that so many people who were part of the project said they are confident about managing risks, there is more we could to to make the risks clearer in online safety education materials.

This project forms part of a bigger picture about how people with learning disabilities, autism or both are being befriended and exploited online. We need to understand how this happens and offer support that makes people’s lives online safe and happy.

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