Our Lives

OL-278The aim of the Our Lives project was to develop regional networks of providers and service users in the Highlands, Scottish Borders, Aberdeenshire, Dumfries and Galloway and the West of Scotland.

In each of the different areas the networks developed differently, reflecting local priorities and ways of working:

  • The Scottish Borders focus was on good information, communication between services, collaborative working, Health and Safety, good practice guidance on the use of physical intervention and person-centred guidance. The Scottish Borders network is now part of the Progress Scotland Project. An In-Control information session was held in February 2008.
  • The Highlands focus was on supporting transition, person-centred working, learning disability awareness and recruitment of people with a learning disability. This network became part of the UK-Wide project The Standards we Expect (barriers to person-centred working and how to overcome them).
  • Aberdeenshire’s focus was on recruitment, employment for people with learning disabilities, service user involvement and In-Control. The Aberdeenshire network is now part of the Progress Scotland Project. A recruitment fair was organised in Aberdeenshire.
  • The West of Scotland’s focus was on the new person-centred planning network in Glasgow, good practice, transition, tips, information and support.

Training and Information packs have been developed from the Our Lives project and a conference was held.

Since the Our Lives project finished the regional networks of providers and service users have been established in Scotland and partnerships have been created with local authorities to develop more person-centred working. Many of the networks are being continued through the Progress Scotland project.

The Our Lives project was funded by the Scottish Executive

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