National Skills Academy (NSA) recently launched a values-based recruitment toolkit, currently in pilot, that you can use to help you recruit the right staff for your organisation.

The toolkit gives all sized employers an opportunity to try it out and gauge the effect on their workforce and their service, but it is especially useful for smaller employers who may be unfamiliar with the values-based approach.

Having the right staff with the right attitude and values can make all the difference to the people they support. These values include compassion, respect, empathy, adaptability, integrity and imagination to name but a few.

Bill Mumford, Chief Executive of MacIntyre, recently said,

“MacIntyre has been using this approach for all our recruitment for four years now and there is no doubt in my mind that it has made a significant difference. Our experience was highlighted in the recently published Cavendish Report with a recommendation that values based approaches to recruitment should be universal across the sector. This toolkit represents an important first step to achieving that goal.”

At our Annual Conference in Bristol this year the theme is ‘Attitude, Attitude, Attitude’ and Gwenne McFadzean of MacIntyre will be speaking about how MacIntyre have used the values-based recruiting for the last few years and the difference it has made to the people that they support.

If your organisation already use values-based recruitment the NSA would also like to hear your experiences.

  • For more details about the toolkit visit the NSA website
  • For more details about ARC’s Annual Conference see the events page