Not Patients But Citizens with Rights

‘Not Patients But Citizens with Rights’ is the current European Care Certificate (ECC) project that the Association for Real Change is involved with and it is the third European project we have been part of thus far. This is a two-year project started in 2012 and set to be completed in 2014.

The European Care Certificate (ECC) is a Europe-wide qualification that has been developed to cover the basic knowledge that is required for an individual to work in a health and social care setting. An individual can gain the ECC by completing the ECC exam, (a multi-choice exam that can be taken online or as paper version). On successful completion, the ECC Certificate will be evidence that a worker has covered the Basic European Social Care Learning Outcomes (BESCLO) which are recognised across the ECC partner countries.

The first ECC project was a LEONARDO funded project about setting up the ECC and establishing agreed standards, i.e. the ‘Basic European Social Care Learning Outcomes’ (BESCLO) agreed by all partners.

The second ECC project was a LEONARDO funded project about expanding the number of countries involved to 16.

This current ECC project is called ‘Not Patients But Citizens with Rights’ and is about sharing a basic training course to deliver the ECC to front-line staff and to develop a Train the Trainer course for trainers delivering the ECC to staff, and to recruit three new countries into the ECC Partnership.

Recent Project updates

The project began with three days of meetings in November 2012 where the representatives of the countries involved all met in England, with the Association for Real Change acting as host. The meetings were a great success with an outline of what the Training Course for delivering the ECC established, along with an outline for the Train the Trainer course.

The draft version of both the Training Course and Train the Trainer course were completed by January 2013 and distributed to each partner country who then had them translated into an indigenous language.

On completion of translation each country piloted the training of each course which was reviewed at a full partners meeting in June 2013.

Following the required amendments to the training materials and meeting to review again is taking place in October 2013 in Brussels.

Further information:

If you would like to know more about the project please contact Shirley Potter, Head of Workforce Development.

This project is funded by the Leonardo Da Vinci – European Commission.

Useful Information:

  • For more information on the Not Patients but Citizens with Rights project contact Shirley:
  • Find out more about the ECC Project