Image: LDToday SheffieldThe Association for Real Change is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at this year’s Learning Disability Today Exhibition on 14th May 2013.

The event is being supported by Sheffield City Council and Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust and as we are only down the road we couldn’t pass up this amazing opportunity.

One of the themes at this year’s event is Mate Crime and as part of that we will be launching our second Real Change Challenge: Mate Crime. We’ve done a lot of work on Mate Crime through our original Safety Net project, which has since gained more funding to enable people with learning disabilities to become trainers and train others to look out for mate crime, what to do about mate crime, keeping safe and more.

We launched our First Real Change Challenge, Improving the quality of life for people with learning disabilities, as they grow old: A Challenge for Providers, at the Department of Health, London in January and we will be launching more as the year progresses. The Real Change Challenges are for the Association for Real Change, the members we support and represent, and providers and others that we work with. We’ll be asking the sector to challenge itself to make changes or to showcase positive changes that have already been made in the areas we will be investigating.

Image: LDT Sheffield

The second Real Change Challenge will be unveiled at the exhibition so be sure to pop along and find our stand for more information.

Rod Landman, South West Regional Development Officer, will be chairing a workshop and presenting a seminar on Mate Crime at Learning Disability Today and he will be joined by Michael and Sarah who are two people with learning disabilities who trained as trainers and worked on the Safety Net project in Calderdale.