Lisa Lenton, ARC England Director, attended the CQC Trade Association meeting on 9th November 2016. The key points are summarised below for your reference:

Ratings – there has been a minimal change overall in Adult Social Care ratings. The shift continues to be a positive one with improvements across the board. Andrea Sutcliffe again re-emphasised that the inspection of all services in Adult Social Care will be completed by the end of January with all reports completed by the end of March 2017.

Some rating details are listed below:

The current overall ratings by service type were presented up to 7th November 2016.

Overall ratings Adult Social Care up to 8th November 2016

  • 2% Inadequate
  • 23% Require improvement
  • 73% Good
  • 1% Outstanding (Total reported 99%)

Community social care ratings:

  • 1% Inadequate
  • 14% Require improvement
  • 84% Good
  • 2% Outstanding (Total reported 101%)

The least well performing continues to be Nursing homes (4% Inadequate, 36% Requires Improvement, 59% Good, 1% Outstanding).

Adult Social Care Learning disability specialism data was shared this month and compared to ASC locations without learning disability specialism (predominately older people services). This clearly highlights the ratings are much more positive for LD services, which is so encouraging for all to see who work in these services.

Locations with Learning Disability Specialism

Inadequate Require Imp  Good Outstanding
Safe 1% 17% 82% <0.5%
Effective <0.5% 14% 85% 1%
Caring 0% 3% 95% 3%
Responsive <0.5% 7% 89% 3%
Well-led 1% 17% 81% 2%
Overall 1% 13% 85% 1%

Locations without Learning disability specialism

Inadequate Require Imp  Good Outstanding
Safe 3% 31% 66% <0.5
Effective 1% 25% 73% <0.5
Caring <0.5% 8% 89% 2%
Responsive 1% 20% 77% 1%
Well-led 3% 27% 69% 1%
Overall 2% 26% 70% 1%

Learning Disability Registration event

ARC will be working with CQC to link in to our members for an update on registration for Learning Disability services in the near future. Details to follow. 

Provider information collection update

Software Upgrade – We were advised that CQC have undertaken some work to upgrade the software they use to send and complete PIR’s, to increase security. The key points for providers following the upgrade are as follows:

  • Forms shouldn’t look any different but there maybe a slightly different way to access the forms
  • If providers are using older Internet browsers they experience some problems so will need to try an alternative browser and copy and pasting the link.
  • If users share the PIR form once they have started to complete they experience issues. For data protection purposes the system will automatically remove the information that has been entered.

Review of the PIR – CQC are implementing a ‘Monitoring Programme’ that will deliver improved Provider Information Collection, this will be delivered over the next 3 years and focus on building an improved digital system, and ensuring that the system is an “enabler for a single shared view of quality”. In addition to this, CQC have been reviewing the current questions and are considering any amendments and or additional areas for inclusion. This has been done in collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders, providers and strategic partners. Although work is continuing and there are a number of areas that require further engagement and discussion, the suggested improvements focus on:

  • Technology and process
  • Guidance and support
  • Not receiving a PIR/Not receiving feedback
  • Reducing the burden
  • Tailoring CQC approach

Please remember, ARC England is there to represent you at the trade association meetings! We regularly attend, so do let us know of any inspection issues or concerns and we will feed these directly to the meetings and get back to you!