Lisa Lenton, ARC England Director, attended the CQC Trade Association meeting on 13th January. The key points are summarised below for your reference:

• Ratings – there has been a slight improvement in the overall Adult Social Care ratings as noted below from ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Good’. Andrea Sutcliffe stated that this could be due to some re-inspection. To date 55% of services have improved their rating upon re-inspection.
Although there has been no major shift in ‘Outstanding’ it was indicated that the National Quality Panel are seeing more ’outstanding’ reports come through. It appears that the ratings are heading in a positive direction, however there were concerns aired relating to the financial fragility of the sector and the potential impact on the quality of care and subsequent reflection in the ‘inadequate’ rating.

The current overall ratings by service type were also presented. Community social care (528 inspected) having the best ratings: (2% Inadequate, 20% Requires Improvement, 77% Good and 1% Outstanding). The least well performing was within Nursing homes, 2739 inspected: (6% Inadequate, 44% Requires Improvement, 50% Good, <0.5% Outstanding). At the moment there is no data available in respect of the breakdown between provision e.g. Learning disability, older persons etc. But we have requested this going forward.

Lastly, interestingly the data showed that ‘small’ nursing and residential homes performed best from an inspection point of view.

Overall ratings Adult Social Care up to 7th January 15:
– Inadequate – 4% (from 5%)
– Requires improvement – 32% (slightly down from 33%)
– Good 63% (up from 62%)
– Outstanding – 1% (up from 0.5%)

• CQC Strategy

A presentation was given to look at the progress to date of the development of the new CQC strategy for May 2016 – 2021.

So far the data and feedback they have collected includes:
• 800 online surveys completed
• 10 co-production workshops
• Online discussion forum
• 30 letters
• Focus groups with hard-to-reach communities
• Meetings with stakeholder and voluntary sector groups
• More than 1200 CQC staff involved

From this work CQC have identified 6 themes that will develop their model of regulation.

These are:

1. Improving use of data and intelligence
2. Implementing a single shared view of quality
3. Targeting and tailoring inspection activity
4. Developing a more flexible approach to registration
5. Assessing how well hospitals use resources
6. Developing methods to assess quality for populations and across local areas.

CQC are gathering feedback by holding 5 events with members of the public and people who use services, 2 events with providers of health and social care and a national strategic partners event. There is also an online consultation, the portal opens from 25th January – so have your say! The portal is open until March. CQC are keen to know from providers points of view how can they ensure their strategy is effective. Feel free to go online to tell them or let us know. Email