Karolina Burman, Area Manager (Kingwood Trust) attended the CQC Trade Association meeting on 11th May. The key points are summarised below for your reference:

  • CQC has begun to review the ratings information for care homes that had been rated as inadequate and subsequently re-inspected between 1 October 2015 and 31 March 2016.
  • CQC is aiming to publish this information be the end of May 2016.
  • It was fed back that 73% of care homes originally rated as inadequate improved their overall rating following a second inspection. Of those care homes that improved, 75% improved their rating from inadequate to requires improvement and 25% from inadequate to good.
  • It was fed back that 78% of nursing homes originally rated as inadequate improved their overall rating following second inspection.
  • It was fed back that 68% of residential homes originally rated as inadequate improved their overall rating following second inspection
  • It was confirmed that as of 11th of May, single location domiciliary care agency providers that change address will not be treated as a new application and they will keep their rating.

Claire Light – GMP head of profession for neighbourhoods, Confidence and Equality discussed Disability Hate Crime.

  • In September 2011 EHRC concluded its formal Inquiry when the Commission published their report “Hidden in Plain Sight”. The report highlighted systematic failures by organisations in preventing disability – related harassment and in tackling it effectively when it happens.
  • One year later the EHRC published their Manifesto for Change R – “Out in the Open”. This consolidated the Commission’s recommendations. Recommendation 5 suggests that health and social care providers should put robust and accessible systems in place so that residents living in institutions can be confident when reporting harassment that they will be treated sensitively.
  • Crime survey suggests that disability harassment is the most under reported of all hate crime (only 3.6%).
  • The national Awareness Pack about Hate Crime is being currently developed. The materials will be appropriate for health professionals, formal and informal carers, disabled people and family members. Support from Social Care Trade Association members would be welcome. Anyone interested was asked to contact Claire Light on 07760 992025 or light@gmp.police.uk
  • CQC started a programme of work assessing its Impact and Value for Money. First report will be published in October 2016. Assessment draws on CQC’s existing surveys e.g. of providers and inspection teams; performance, costing, inspection and monitoring data; and provider case studies. Assessment will consider both costs and benefits.
  • Further work is being carried out in regards to KLOES.
  • KLOES will be clearer and simpler. They will be more tailored to condition/population group. The aim is also to improve alignment between sectors.
  • Prompts will be less repetitive, more structured and focused.
  • Sources of evidence will also be clearer and more specific about what is needed for each key line of enquiry.

Please remember, ARC England is there to represent you at the trade association meetings! We regularly attend, so do let us know of any inspection issues or concerns and we will feed these directly to the meetings and get back to you!