Stuart Noble, Area Manager at the Kingwood Trust, attended the CQC Trade Association meeting on 10th February. The key points are summarised below for your reference:

An Annual Planner was shared for the trade meetings and the co-production meetings for 2016. It was asked if market stability (living wage changes), update on special measures (invite SCIE) could also be added.

  • It was fed back that the Inadequate % for Feb 16 ratings is reducing and there is an increase in the Good % for the Caring key question.
  • Looking at the breakdown in the rating by type of service, it was identified that the Nursing homes Inadequate % was higher than the other areas. Concerns were raised that nurses were not part of the inspection team and could be leading to the higher %.
  • It was fed back that the results from the quarterly ratings shows continued improvements, with a decrease on Inadequate services, with increases in all other areas.
  • The further information in provider handbooks have been completed for the following 4 areas:
    • Market Oversight
    • Requirement for providers to display ratings
    • Special Measures
    • Enforcement policy
  • The next round of updates proposed will not be big changes, but will be to tidy up what is already in place and to provide clarity. It was fed back that there would be more substantial changes planned for next year from the findings this year, however, there will be no change in the 5 key questions, but the KLOE’s will be looked at.
  • Was fed back that where factual accuracy was being challenged, this needed to be evidenced with documents, paperwork, photos and not just a written dialogue. It was also fed back that CQC have been asked to disclose inspectors notes when factual accuracy has been challenged. This is not something that CQC is legally able to comply with, due to inspectors notes potentially having whistleblowing information recorded. CQC are looking at seeing if they are able to give providers guidance/clarity on this matter with link via the internet.
  • The members were also shown a visual map which they are looking at publishing. This provides a colour code linked to ratings and they may be looking at having a filtering option. The colour code will link the user to the providers most current inspection report.
  •  Issue around hot water temps was raised– stating that HSE reference to risk relating to full submersion only, so hand wash basins not required. CQC are not specific in this area.
  • There was presentation/feedback from Skills for Care with regards to a project CQC had commissioned them to undertake around safety in adult social care. Discussion/feedback from members was that some LA’s are using DoLS as a punitive measure to providers contracts. AS fedback that this should not be occurring and moves away from what DoLS was there to achieve.
  • Feedback from the provider analysis survey was given, this needs board agreement to be published. They will be pulling together actions that will need to be implemented based on survey results to ensure the process has been meaningful

AOB – An attendee asked about the recent media coverage with regards to concerns of the experts by experience commissioned by CQC. AS fed back that they are negotiating and hopefully resolving the concerns with all parties involved.

The next meeting is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 9 March, from 10am to 12.30pm at the Buckingham Palace Road offices.