Lisa Lenton, ARC England Director, attended the CQC Trade Association meeting on 12th July 2017. The key points are summarised below for your reference:

Ratings – The ratings up to 3rd July were shared. Please see below some specific details. The breakdown includes Adult Social Care (ASC) Learning Disability specialism data that can be used to compare to ASC locations without learning disability specialism (predominately older people services). You will note this clearly highlights the ratings are still much more positive for Learning Disability services.

Some rating details are listed below:

The current overall ratings by service type were presented up to 3rd July 2017

Overall ratings Adult Social Care:

  •   1% Inadequate
  • 19% Requires improvement
  • 78% Good
  •   2% Outstanding (Total reported 99%)

Overall ratings by services with and without learning disability specialism:


  • <0.5% Inadequate
  • 10% Requires improvement
  • 88% Good
  • 2% Outstanding


  • 2% Inadequate
  • 21% Require improvement
  • 75% Good
  • 2% Outstanding

The State of Adult Social Care Services report was published on 6th July

Key points:

  • This is the first time such a focused analysis on a national scale has been possible. A ‘picture’ has been gathered from over 33,000 inspections of about 24,000 locations.
  • The majority of adult social care services are of a high quality and many are improving, however, too many people across England are receiving care in care homes and in their own home that is not good enough.
  • Without proper recognition of the importance of ACS and a renewed commitment to quality, the numbers of people affected by poor care could increase and have a profound impact on their lives.

Fire safety in registered premises – Sir David Behan has written to registered providers of care homes, hospices and independent hospitals, as well as their representative bodies to encourage them to review their fire safety checks are up to date, understood and applied consistently, as a precautionary measure following the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy last month.

Local System reviews – CQC has been asked by the Secretaries of State for Heath and for Communities and Local Government to undertake a programme of local system reviews of health and social care in 12 local authority areas.

  • These reviews, exercised under the Secretaries of State’s Section 48 powers, will include a review of commissioning across the interface of health and social care and an assessment of the governance in place for the management of resources.
  • CQC look specifically at how people move between health and social care, including delayed transfers of care, with a particular focus on people over 65 years old.
  • A further eight sites for review will be identified in the coming months and once all 20 reviews have been completed CQC will publish a national report of their key findings and recommendations.

Consultation – open between Monday 12 June and Tuesday 8 August seeking views on specific proposals for how CQC will:

  • regulate primary medical services and adult social care services
  • improve the structure of registration, and clarify their definition of registered providers
  • monitor, inspect and rate new models of care and large or complex providers
  • use unique knowledge to encourage improvements in the quality of care in local areas
  • carry out their role in relation to the fit and proper persons requirement
  • Read more and respond here:

Quality Matters Commitment has been launched!
Quality matters is a shared commitment for everyone who uses, works in and supports adult social care.

  • The document has been published on the Department of Health (DH) website:
  • CQC has issued a statement which includes supportive statements from: DH, Healthwatch England, Local Government & Social Care Ombudsmen, ADASS, LGA, Skills for Care and NICE.

Staff reference requirements
Some providers have raised issues in respect of the amount of evidence Inspectors are looking for in relation to staff details and references. The CQC have prepared a short statement to clarify the proportionate approach to be taken regarding the requirement for staff references when employees have been in post for a long time. This statement was challenged at the Trade Association meeting, as it seemed some requirements were out of date. For example, requesting sight of a criminal record certificate is mentioned in Schedule 3, paragraph 2 of Regulation 19 (3) of the Health and Social Care Act (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014. The point was made that employers should hold the reference number of any DBS checks NOT a copy of the certificate itself. We encourage providers to review the Regulations as mentioned above and feedback any issues directly to us via email

We are keen to ensure that our members are fully prepared for when an inspection is taking place.

As always, please remember, ARC England is there to represent you at the trade association meetings. We regularly attend, so do let us know of any inspection issues or concerns and we will feed these directly to the meetings and get back to you.