SfC logoARC has recently applied for and been successful in being awarded a grant from the National Skills Academy to set up a regional Registered Managers Network in Derbyshire.

This is a national programme, supported by the Department of Health, to help Registered Managers in their roles as lead professionals in care home and home care settings. It is run by the National Skills Academy for Social Care in conjunction with a range of partners from across the social care sector.

Registered Managers can sometimes be isolated, and don’t get the opportunities they need to network with, support, and learn from each other and the wider sector. This programme has therefore been set up to better equip Registered Managers to meet the challenges they face; give them better access to information, guidance and advice; and provide more opportunities for networking and support.

If you are based in Derbyshire and are interested in joining the network or for more information about the programme, please contact:

Lisa Lenton
Learning and Development Manager
Tel: 01246 541676.