Here to Stay

HTS-278We need to increase our knowledge of people with a learning disability from new migrant communities in England.

What we mean by new migrants
Individuals who are not British citizens but permanently or temporarily resident in England since 1997; this includes asylum seekers, refugees, seasonal workers and travellers, from all ethnic groups from within and outside of the European Union.

There is a lack of information about the prevalence of learning disabilities in this group and the services they need. The Here to Stay project seeks to address this problem. For more information visit the Here to Stay website.

The Here to Stay five year project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, has now been completed and the final research report has been produced. This details the research carried out by the Team over the last 5 years, plus the 40 Quality Standards which the research has shown would greatly improve outcomes for people with learning disabilities from migrant communities. We are seeking funding to take forward the suggestions within the report.

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Working with The University of Wolverhampton.

This project was funded by Big Lottery Fund.

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