HEO-Plymouth-shoot1The last week of February 2015  saw us filming the short plays that we have developed as part of the Helping Each Other training we offer. Each short play depicts a situation in which someone with a learning disability is being sexually exploited or groomed. All the plays are drawn from real life stories.

During our training the trainers perform the plays. We are committing them to film so that we can make better and wider use of them, and so that others can use them too.

HEOgreenroom1We are hoping that the DVD will be ready by the end of April, with the plays uploaded to ARC England’s Youtube channel at about the same time.

Filming took place at the Highbury Trust in Plymouth and Westmead House (Leonard Cheshire care home) in Braunton, North Devon  –  and was completed in a single (mad) day! Nine out of our 10 training team members took part.

HEONorth-Devon1We were well supported by our video production company, ComputerEZE, which was actually set up by Toby Best, a Diversity Officer for Devon and Cornwall Police. Our trainers/actors were also supported by Peter Harris from the renowned theatre company for people with learning disabilities, Wolf & Water.


Rod Landman,
Helping Each Other Project Officer