In the aftermath of the Winterbourne View saga, ARC are collecting stories of great practice in supporting people who once lived in a hospital setting and now enjoy fulfilled lives in the community.

One of these received from Steve Piper of the Care Division is described below:

The Care Division, who specialise in Learning Disability support, have been involved with the Campus rehabilitation programme in Dorset for the last year and now support 16 individuals who have moved out of long-stay hospital or institutional settings, to live in their own homes.

MD Steve Piper tells us

“this has been an extraordinary experience for us in many ways, but the transformation in the people themselves has been the most compelling. In every single case our client’s have begun to blossom as individuals, clearly enjoying their new lives and taking increasingly active roles in their local communities.”

Helen Spencer, who is Operations Manager for the Company told us about one particular gentleman AA who, having lived in hospital and care home settings for most of his 46 year life, and was deemed to be “pretty challenging”, moved into his own house with 1:1 support from The Care Division 12 weeks ago.

“This lovely gentleman has amazed everyone. He came to us shy, introverted and withdrawn. He had rarely been inside a kitchen in the past, but within a matter of day’s he was helping to prepare simple drinks. Last week when I visited, he was preparing his own sandwiches, having helped put together a shopping list, and been to the supermarket. It’s quite remarkable.”

Helen told us

“we have similar, positive outcomes for every one of the client’s that have come to us from the Campus programme. It’s obviously still early days, but in our view, and those of all the healthcare professionals who have also been involved, this move to supported living is very welcome and was long overdue.”

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