Getting the Basics Right

ECC-278This is a project that is funded by the Council of Europe and is about delivering the European Care Certificate (ECC) in Bosnia and other countries.

Association for Real Change has developed a training resource that has been used to deliver the Learning Outcomes of the European Care Certificate, which was piloted in Sarajevo, Bosnia with approximately 40 workers in 2012. Upon completion of the 3 days of training the 40 workers then took the European Care Certificate (ECC) exam.

Following this pilot, the training materials were evaluated and amendments implemented so that the resource can be used to deliver further training in other European Countries.

Latest Information about the Project

The pilot training was successful in Health and Social Care sector in Sarajevo, Bosnia and this year we were approached by the Council of Europe to ask if we would deliver another ‘Getting the Basics Right in Care’ course but this time in Astrakhan in the Federation of Russia.

In May 2013 and Shirley Potter and Janet Fairley delivered the 3 day training course to 50 health and social care workers. Despite informing the Ministry in Astrakhan that this course is aimed at frontline new staff, the 50 people on the course were mostly qualified and experienced workers. However, the Ministry explained that they wanted to ensure all of their managers were trained first so that the training could be disseminated throughout the workforce.

The delivery days were long and tiring as everything Shirley and Janet said had to be translated by the interpreters who were working hard in their booth at the back of the room to ensure everyone understood everything. The content of the course was new to many of the workers with the change from the medical model of disability to the social model and the human rights based approaches. However, the staff embraced the changes and 49 out of the 50 people on the course sat the ECC exam on the last day. All of the feedback from the people on the course was very positive.

On our return to England the ECC exam papers were processed and there were 32 people who passed their ECC exam, which was a pass rate of almost 65% which is above the European average of 62.4%.

This training delivery was welcomed very much by the Ministry of Astrakhan who supported the delivery of this training, the feedback from those on the course was very positive and individuals said it would impact positively on their daily practice and they hoped it would improve their work with people with disabilities.

We hope to continue this work for the Council of Europe that helps other countries understand about the Human Rights based approaches to health and social care and impacts directly on the lives of those people with a disability who are using services. Discussions are currently taking place for possible delivery of this training in Moldova in 2014.

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This project is funded by the Council of Europe.

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